Saturday, 29 June 2013

MAC wishlist!

Heyya guys and gals of the blogosphere, I'm a mac lover however I've never tried anything other than a mac eyeliner and a mac paint pot fro mac, so i put together a wishlist of everything i hope to try from mac at one time!

The first items on my wish/try list are Mac lipsticks, in plumful, peach blossom and sweet&sour; these are colours that are wearable all year round and are colours that i wouldn't really go near usually but after swatching them in the mac shop they are all defiantly my thing. 
The second item i'd love to try is the mac multi-use base that can be used as a highlighter, i've never used anything like this so i was just drawn to it, it's just something i'd like to try, Mac paint pot in lets skate is another item on my want list, I've swatched it in the shop and ooo wow it's so beautiful and shimmery, and lasts for a very long time! 
The last too items on my wish list are the vanilla pigment that i've saw plenty of people rave about and the mac powder blush in peaches which i think would be perfect for summer!

Have you ever tried mac? is it worth the hype?

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Blog swap!

Heyya guys and gals of the blogosphere, sorry for the late post, I've literally just dragged myself to write this as i'm not well so that's my excuse!
I thought i'd share with you what i received from my blogger swap!
Basically if you don't know what one is it's a swap of beauty, fashion ect items between two bloggers, i found one through a blog called Tales of a pale face//Link and got matched with a girl called jade!
We decided on the limit we could spend on each other was 20 pounds, and the goal was to send them at the end of last month! I got my box full of items this morning so i jumped straight on here illness and all to write this post... yes i'm that devoted guys.
 So here is what the lovely jade got me!

 In my box jade got me;

  • Haribo's
  • Body shop papaya shower gel
  • Body shop strawberry soap
  • Lush bubblegum lip scrub
  • Body shop coconut lip butter
  • 2 face masks
  • Store twenty one earrings 
  • bracelet & ring 
  • Skull bracelet 
Then as if that wasn't enough she also filled a little gift bag with:
  • Mua lipstick in nectar and in shade 13.
  • Avon colour trend lipstick in nude flash
  • 2x gosh lip jams- shades 101 and 105.
  • 17 photo flawless primer
  • Rimmel lasting Finnish nail lacquer in Hot shot
  • Le volume de Chanel mascara sample size!

I love all my items and can't wait to try some of them out!
Check out out jades blog and see what i got her!
Jades blog // Link

Have you ever done a box swap?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Birthday D.I.Y!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, Today is my dads birthday! so i thought i'd so a little post on a low budget friendly gift i did for him.
In this gift their was:

  • Topshop socks (mens) 
  • Nobby nuts
  • Moams
  • Original source shower gels x2
  • Crunchies x3
  • Cans of coke x3
  • Tassimo costa coffee
  • Toberone
  • DKNY underwear
  • Right guard deodrant x2
This all came under 30 pound and could easily be adapted for anyone girl or boy to suit your budget! a simple and easy gift i'd say!
I had a basket laying around so i put in all in that and the bag behind it held gifts from my mum (his wife.)

Happy birthday daddy!xx

Friday, 21 June 2013

Lancome eye shadow palette!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere,  I  received  my eye shadow palette from a girl called Ambar who i did a swap with on the app 'depop' so i thought i'd do a little post on how well they've performed and whether they were worth the swap!

When i received this in the post i did expect it to be bigger but i was by no mean disappointed, all the colours are beautiful, some matte,shimmer and a few metallic.
They are all high in pigmentation and all neutral wearable shades, my favorite so far would be the purple ish/ brown in the bottom right corner of the palette it's not too purple to notice it's just right and i think it's called 'model.'

Overall i'd say this palette was well worth the swap, it had already been lightly used but i was already told this and it wasn't a problem. 
Always remeber when buying online to make sure the products are hygienic otherwise do not buy the items!

Sorry that i haven't been a good blogger this week but i promise to get back into the swing of things this week!

Whats your staple eye shadow colour?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Favorites tag!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere! i'm always a sucker for a tag post so i thought i'd do one for you today!
What is your favorite brand of makeup?
Probably dainty doll at the moment, i love their blushers!
Favorite flowers?
Favorite clothing store?
probably topshop!
Favorite perfume?
Laugh with me Leelee- Benefit
Favorite type of shoe?
Favorite colour?
Favorite song?
Anything of ed sheerans!
Favorite lesson?
Favorite animal?
Sorry it's a short post! i'm a busy bee lately but i promise to get back into my routine posts!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Depop an app for bloggers?!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, this is just a small post on a new app i found for selling beauty, clothing ect, it's free and basically a quicker way of having a 'blog sale' It's called depop and it's literally my new addiction! Check it out and follow me!

MUA 'undress your skin' Highlighter.

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, Its no secret that i love highlighters and its only recently i decided this and because of my love for highlighters i seem to go a little crazy with highlighters on my face, so i decided to share one of my newly found favorites with you lovely human beings.
 MUA 'undress your skin' highlighter is fleshy toned with a shimmer undertone. I  really like this because it isn't at all subtle, when i put it on my face i feel all healthy and glowy and even though it's a powder and not a liquid highlighter it isn't at all cakey on top of my foundation. It's supper cheap, so i'd defiantly recommend it to anyone wanting a pretty dewy face on a small budget.
My only down point of this product is the plastic case, as i find it cheap looking and not excautly the most durable;but besides that the product it's self and how it is layed out in the cheap looking container is fabulous, the almost wave looking product makes it look expensive and much more to my taste!

Overall i'd say this is one of my favorite highlighters and when I hit pan i'll defiantly pick up another one!

Whats your favorite highlighters?

Saturday, 15 June 2013

eBay wants & small 3 item haul!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, these are my latest eBay lusts/wants and since i had a little outing to Liverpool i thought i'd mention the 3 items i picked up for myself as the rest of the items i picked up was for jade in the box swap i'm doing!
1. Vintage style dress//Link
2. Real techniques Dupes gold//Link
3.Real technique dupes pink //Link
4. Pendant 'quote' necklace//Link
5. Mint green pleated dress//Link
I think all these products would be perfect for the coming months and are all amazingly cheap!
The real techniques 'dupes' seem to be getting raved about alot so they deserved to be in my eBay wishlist.

Whilst i was in Liverpool today picking up some final bits for my beauty box swap with jade i also picked up some things for myself, a garnier moisturizer and two lollipops in the flavors 'fizzy watermelon' and 'Dr pepper'

Whats your favorite flavor of lollipop?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hit&Miss- Revlon colour stay Review!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, i have saw so many people rave about this foundation so when my mum offered to let me have hers since it wasn't a good colour match and she just generally didn't like the product, i jumped at the chance. My first impressions were that i loved it. It sat nicely on my skin and for an ubber pale girl the colour match was also pretty good after i'd buffed it in with my real techniques expert face brush and i was good to go. I found it didn't separate when i had blusher & highlighter on top, in fact aside from the fact it was abit to matte for me i thought it was amazing. Then i went away from the week (to wales to stay with my auntie) and my skin reacted so badly to it, it began to look cakey and cause me to breakout and my skin still isn't fully recovered, from going from a perfect to an awful product i was so disappointed. and i decided i defiantly won't be buying or using this product again.

I'd like to mention Anna from 'A spread of nutella'//Link she nominated me for the liebster award so i thought she'd like a little mention, so go check her out!

Have you had any disappointing products lately?

Monday, 10 June 2013

Starting up a blog!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, I recently got an email/comment by Pippa//Link asking me to do a post on tips of making and sustaining a blog so that's what i'm doing. Now i'm not at all a pro at blogging or creating blogs but i'm proud to say my blog is my own work, I made my own header and found my own background to use and all the content is my own. I work hard on my blog and try my best to upload at least once every two days. So here goes my tricks of the trade...

Tips for blogging:

  • Upload content worth uploading - if your uploading pictures from other peoples blogs onto your blog whats the use in publishing it.
  • Upload what you want- make your blog your own, you don't have to follow the trends because their is alot of bloggers out their, being unique and sharing your own twist on blogging is your best bet to success.
  •  Research into it!- When i started my blog i knew nothing about it, I actually knew nothing about how to blog, what to blog about, excautly how to make my blog look good (which is all still developing as my blog still isn't perfect)
  • Upload regularly- whats the point in uploading once every month? 
  • Interact with other bloggers- Comment, show appreciation, follow and share other peoples blogs to help gain yourself an audience, saying this do not spam! 
  • Join blogger networks- e.g bloglovin, she likes ect.
  • Design your own blog- or get someone else to do it, no one likes to look at just words on a white page.
And Finally...
  • DON'T GIVE UP!- starting your blog can be a drag at first, I felt like no one wanted nor was reading or interested in what i was uploading it's only now a few breaks  from blogging and months later my content has improved and i decided to invest my time into my blog whether or not people read it i enjoy doing it, that's when i started gaining followers and comments ect; so basically what i'm saying is that followers aren't and shouldn't be the aim of your blog, do it because you enjoy it and other people will to.

What are your top tips?

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Stockport Vintage Village!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere *insert apology for a late upload.* So today i took the advice of Athriftymrs//link and went to the stockport vintage village fair, which is held every second Sunday of the month if your interested. When i first arrived i was overwhelmed by the amount of stalls holding vintage goods, everyone was super lovely and approachable.
I had a nosy around and picked up some amazing things, and would defiantly go back again!
My only down point is that you have to know what your buying because many things were severely over priced and to beware because a certain stall i noticed were ripping people off by using primark jewelry and selling it as vintage pieces.
My stamp to go inside!

Gingers! its like they knew i was coming.

These vintage suitcases were my weakness!
Very vintage dancing!
Very jazzy pieces of clothing!
 I picked up whilst i was their a vintage teacup & saucer for 2.50, A vintage teacup, buttons and purse for 50p each (bargain i know!)  I also picked up a vintage suitcase for 7 pounds which i will use to store shoes in my bedroom and a vintage camera that also cost 7 pound which i bought of the loveliest lady who had a story behind each item she was selling, i instantly fell in love with it and knowing someone else loved it as it was the lady's first ever camera made it even more special.
I seem to like naming all my camera's so this one is called Vixen, i'm not sure why i just think it suits him.
Ohhh! and i almost forgot! i also picked up a very beautiful hairbrush that reminded me of the titanic or something my great great grandmother used to have so i snatched it up for 3 pound.

 Whist i was in Manchester i also nipped into Primark and picked up some frilly socks and a few bits for Jade the girl who i am doing a box swap with.

What did you do today?