Thursday, 2 January 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR guys and gals of the blogosphere!
Here's to a new year full of new beginning's and what better to start the year than to make promise's to yourself that you probably won't keep.
My new years resolutions are;
1) To eat healthy - I know, I know how cliché almost everybody has this as their new years resolution and so far I haven't kept to it but I will once the goodies from the past week have disappeared.
2) To finish writing My book- Recently I started writing a book on watt pad however I'm terrible for getting writers block and I usually just give up but this I will finish if it kills me.
3) Use Instagram - I  use to have an unhealthy obsession with using Instagram until suddenly I just snapped out of it now it looks ever so dull.
4) Complete My wreck this journal - I missed out the fact that I got a 'wreck this journal' for Christmas in my last post..well I got one! I haven't started it yet for the reason I don't want to wreck it.. however I will eventually bite the bullet and start it and once I do I'm going to do a blog series on each page I complete.
5) Work hard- This year is the year of my exams so I will be working extra hard now until may,
 Although as strange as it will sound I'm actually excited to sit them.. is that weird? maybe. probably. yes.
6) Stick to a blogging schedule- I could be labelled the worlds worst blogger as I'm terrible for putting up posts when I should but this year will change that... well I can try.
 My final new years resolution is to save, save, save as soon as possible not for anything other than for when I'm at University this is because I want to study in London Kings cross college to be a nurse, This I know will be expensive not only to study but to live there so starting from this year I'm going to start putting some money aside, sensible I know.
What's your new years resolution?