Wednesday, 20 February 2013

St Ives scrub review!

so i'm obsessed with skincare products because i used to suffer with acne, and now although it's gone i still get 'teenage spots' which i obsess with getting rid of and taking care of my skin.
i have tried many different facial scrubs and i think this one beats all of them to a pulp, it smooths, hydrates and makes my skin super soft,  although i haven't saw any major changes with my skin using it only that it removes dead and dry skin and makes my skin feel like a primer would.
it has a sort of medicine like peach scent not a normal fresh peach smell, i'm really bad at describing if you didn't notice already, so basically if you haven't tried this i really suggest you do, and i'll keep you updated on how it works for me.

-Amy x

I *heart* nude nails!

nude nails! well although winters not over just yet i decided to go against the crowd and go for the nude look on my nails, just because days are dark doesn't mean your nails have to be! 
so here are the nail vanishes i used to achieve this look:
MeMeMe- long lasting gloss in shade 97 sensuous (Base)
Barry M- nail paint in shade 66 Matt white (for the heart)
Revlon-nail enamel in shade 910 Barely Peach. (as a sheer top coat)
I then used Fast and fruity nail polish removed to clean any smudges up because well we all make mistakes 
i'd also like to point out i absolutely hate doing my nails so i constantly make mistakes so my nail art isn't too great, this was just abit of a random post :)
Revlon- barely peach
Barry M- Matt white
Fast and fruity nail vanish remover 

                                             -Amy x

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My handmade cushion!

This is Stuart  my little patchwork owl cushion, he took 4 hours to cut, handsew and put together.
he is a patchwork owl made from old pieces of fabric and buttons for eyes.
he isn't perfect but for my first attempt of making my own cushion for my bedroom i'm pretty proud of him.
of course i can't take all the credit for this little cutie because i had help from my boyfriend liam, he cut out the owl shape and contributed to some of the sewing so without my little helper it probably would have took me eight hours.
i'm a very crafty creative person anyways so this was just fun for me to do, but if your not a crafty person it's just as fun anyway.
i usually make my own jewelry and i'm thinking of doing some more crafty post's, if your a follower or just read my blog any feedback would be helpful.

-Amy x 

Making promises to myself!

hello guys and gals in the blogosphere, I have decided to make a promise to you lot and myself.
I am going to do atleast 4-5 blogposts a week, i promise to do this and stick to it :)

- Amy x

Monday, 18 February 2013

Strawberry dream cream!

strawberry dream cream by n-spa is a product a got given but have fell in love with, it smells amazing and has a thick consistantcy that hydrates the skin, it has a cute description on the front label of the packaging which i'm guessing is a sort of copy of the philosophy skincare packaging, although this isn't as good as philosophy it's a pretty good body cream just to have as a treat or as a little goodie/gift for someone else,
plus it's also alot cheaper :)                                        

My Favorite perfumes!

hey guys, this blog post will be about my ultimate favorite scents/perfumes
so firstly my ultimate favorite perfume award goes to benefit 'laugh with me Lee Lee'
it has a light fresh smell, and seems to linger for awhile after it's been sprayed, i also love the packaging shown down in the pictures it has a door and the actual perfume bottle is supposed to look like a cocktail shaker, not only is it an amazing perfume it also is named after the nickname i use for my boyfriend 'Lee Lee'           so all in all it's my favorite.                                            

My second favorite is Katy Perry 'Meow' this has a deep sweet musk smell that can be abit much sometimes because of how sweet it does smell, it has the cutest packaging as shown in the pictures below it's a cat, i think because she calls her fans Katys Cats, it came with a little 'M' on its collar but unfottumately it broke off.

Third in my favorite's list is 'midnight fantasy  by Brittany spears, again if you don't like really sweet smells this perfume wouldn't be for you but i really like it.
i like alot of Brittany spears perfumes as you'll probably see by the end of this blog post.
i love the packaging it's a midnight blue with sliver spots and ring.

another one of my favorites is Brittany spears 'Curiosity' it has a lot less of a sweeter smell than the other Brittany spears scents, it has more of a clean smell but i really like this one too, the packaging isn't anything to rave about just a little blue bottle  but it's still a lovely little perfume to own.

 Kate moss's Lilabelle is one of my favorites in my list because it has a sweet smell but with a fresh edge to it, this is also really cheap to get hold of aswell so you can smell good and your purse can feel good too
the packaging is also really cute and simple with a plain bottle with a decorated lid, it reminds me of old fashioned perfume bottles.

lastly on my favorites list is not really a perfume but a body spray, it's one of the yummiest scents around and its Holister 'cresent bay' they do loads of different flavoured scents in these sprays but this one has got yo be my favourite, it smells like you could eat it, the packaging isn't the prettiest of bottles but it's been made to smell not to look at i guess
the only downside to this product is that although the spray's scent lasts on you, you have to use alot of it so it runs out really quickly.

so yeah if you want anymore information or would like me to do more of these blog reviews let me know :)

-Amy x 

Friday, 15 February 2013

My Valentines day!

My valentines in photographs <3
all my wonderful presents from my wonderful boyfriend

Charm necklace, with my name and a little camera charm 

love and hugs pillow

hot for you travel mug (for march when i go to london)

novelty duckies!

giftbag and card :)

my charm necklace on :)

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancake Tuesday!

Todays pancake making in pictures! (Not in order)

Nutella, sugar&lemon, maple syrup and golden Syrup mmmm!
The Final product (well one of the many) 
I had lemon and sugar on mine^

cooking in the pan!

Thats was just a quick post, i promise to post a beauty review again soon
thanks for reading
-Amy x

Monday, 11 February 2013

cooking with momma (mummy to us english people)

 hello again guys :) this is just a quick post on my delicious dinner my mum made me and my family's basically a chicken based meal with peppers  potatoes, red onions and chorizo sausage.
quick and simple just to lash in the oven.
this recipe is a nigella recipe done better by my mum :)

 want information on how to make this? here's the link.

                                                                           - Amy x

Sunday, 10 February 2013

My Skin Care products

my skin care products i have used this few monthsso firstly i used the la roche possay effaclar duo, this product is in the pricey side of things but really is worth it, i find it removes my imperfections very easily only down side is that it dehydrates the skin alot 

Liz earle boost skin tonic again this is slightly on the pricey side of things but if you enjoy looking after your skin it really is worth it, i find this product lightly refreshes my skin without a really oily feel to it, only downside is that i'm running low :)
 Nivea regenerating night cream this product really isn't a expensive product but good for the money you pay for it, it has a rich thick creamy formular that rehydrates the skin perfectly 
La Roche Possay again a pricey product perfect for if you have really oily imperfect skin, i find this too dehydrates but thats the purpose of it to rid of spots.
Finally Nivea rich mosterising day cream i find this has a really thick consistantcy and hydrates the skin this isn't expensive either so i'd give it ago :) 

thats all thanks for reading
Amy x