Sunday, 16 February 2014


Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, I haven't posted in so long so here goes nothing...
On the 19th of January 2014 I was to find out someone dearly loved by all his friends and family had taken his own life, I decided to do this post because I want to inform every that there is help available and acts like this have devastating consequences without going into to much personal detail.

What is Suicide?
Suicide is the act of intentionally taking away your own life.

Why do people commit suicide?
There are many reasons why people end their own lives but truth be told only they hold the answers to the true reason they did it, things like depression can swallow up a persons mind and make them feel so alone they feel it's the only escape, However suicide is not an escape it only leaves behind more sorrow, guilt and questions to the people they were blind to see loved them.

what support is there?
I have took some time out to look into this for anyone feeling low, You don't have to be feeling
suicidal to get help with your emotions.
You should talk to someone you trust or use these sources to get help...

 Please do not think you are ever alone, there are other options and Suicide is not one of them.

Thursday, 2 January 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR guys and gals of the blogosphere!
Here's to a new year full of new beginning's and what better to start the year than to make promise's to yourself that you probably won't keep.
My new years resolutions are;
1) To eat healthy - I know, I know how cliché almost everybody has this as their new years resolution and so far I haven't kept to it but I will once the goodies from the past week have disappeared.
2) To finish writing My book- Recently I started writing a book on watt pad however I'm terrible for getting writers block and I usually just give up but this I will finish if it kills me.
3) Use Instagram - I  use to have an unhealthy obsession with using Instagram until suddenly I just snapped out of it now it looks ever so dull.
4) Complete My wreck this journal - I missed out the fact that I got a 'wreck this journal' for Christmas in my last post..well I got one! I haven't started it yet for the reason I don't want to wreck it.. however I will eventually bite the bullet and start it and once I do I'm going to do a blog series on each page I complete.
5) Work hard- This year is the year of my exams so I will be working extra hard now until may,
 Although as strange as it will sound I'm actually excited to sit them.. is that weird? maybe. probably. yes.
6) Stick to a blogging schedule- I could be labelled the worlds worst blogger as I'm terrible for putting up posts when I should but this year will change that... well I can try.
 My final new years resolution is to save, save, save as soon as possible not for anything other than for when I'm at University this is because I want to study in London Kings cross college to be a nurse, This I know will be expensive not only to study but to live there so starting from this year I'm going to start putting some money aside, sensible I know.
What's your new years resolution?