Saturday, 28 September 2013

Purity Cleanser | Review

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, Philosophy is a brand I've been dying to try for what feels like forever so I finally purchased a miniature 'Purity' face cleanser, I only purchased the small one because I have so many facial products to get through.
 Over the past two weeks I've tested this out so I could give a fair review.
I personally don't think this cleanser is as nice as Liz Earle cleanse and polish However, it comes a close second. The cleanser itself isn't thick it's alot like a cleansing milk which I prefer as it seems to feel like it's actually removing my makeup rather than cling to your face feeling thick, It also doesn't sting my eyes or feel to harsh on my skin so is perfect for those who struggle with having sensitive skin.
'Purity' doesn't dry out my skin, it leaves it feeling baby soft, My only down point is the smell it reminds me of coconut mixed with clay? Anyone else think that? no just me.
Overall It's an amazing cleanser, pretty basic when it comes to improving my skin but I wasn't expecting a miracle.

Have you tried anything new recently?

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Gone for so long...

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, It's been awhile since I last posted, I could list excuse after excuse but I'd rather not bore you lovely's to death! So I thought a post was necessary to tell you I will be back posting in the next few days.
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DIY: Whipple cases...

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, Dabbling in the world of arts and crafts is something I occasionally do, I've gone from creating my own jewelry to making my own case's that would cost a fortune to buy from a place like Etsy. 
Making 'Whipple effect' phone cases is possibly one of the easiest things to do, 
You will need:

  • White, pink or chocolate brown silicone decoden OR silicone caulk. 
  • Mixed cabochons such as bows, characters ect.
  • Clear or plain case/s of your choice 
  • A piping bag and nozzles in the design you want.
1. Grab your phone case and place it on a stable area were it won't move.
2. Plan out where our cabochons will be going on your case.
3. Place the silicone caulk into a piping bag and start to pipe a 'whipped cream' effect onto your cases.
4.  Place your cabochons onto the case, the silicone decoden will act as a glue and keep the cabochons glued down.
5. Wait until dry and Enjoy your case!

Better images will be uploaded once my camera cable has arrived, I couldn't not post for any longer thats why I'm using an Instagram Picture.
I will be back to posting regulary Asap!
whats your favourite craft?

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Whats inside my school bag...

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, Alot of my readers are still in high school like myself (Last year) so most of you will have bags filled to the brim with essentials.

 Inside my bag 
1. GCSE Additional science workbook. 
2. GCSE Addition science Exam revision book.
3. Scientific calculator.
4. School planner. 
5. pencil case filled with pencils,pens,geometry set ect.
6. Hey foxy Notebook.
7. 2x work organizers/wallets.
8. Science book.
9. Baby lips 'cherry me.'
10. LUSH bubblegum lip scrub.

These are my basic essentials for my days at school that are in my bag mainly at all times being a GCSE student has it's positive points which are not having to haul round all my school books because my teachers are to panicky to allow us too..Anyone else teachers like that too?

What is your school essential?

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Products that work hand in hand | 1

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, I've officially gave into the hype of baby lips and I'm being totally Unoriginal by posting about it...
 I picked up the maybelline baby lips in the flavour 'Cherry me' it was the last one in boots so I happily snapped it up, I have to say it has become one of my favourite all time products along with my LUSH bubblegum lip scrub.

Maybelline baby lips 'Cherry me'-
The maybelline baby lips have been hyped about all over the blogosphere and YouTube getting mixed reviews for each Flavour. 
My personal opinion having tried only one from the range is that they feel balmi,
keep the lips moisturized and gives the lips a subtle wash of colour, However the lasting of the balmi feel doesn't stay as long as the moisture does in the lips.

LUSH bubblegum Lip scrub-
I have had multiple tubs of this as it's just so great, It scrubs away all of my dry skin and tastes supper yummy! My only down point of this product is it can be too harsh on my lips and make them sore.

Together this lip duo is perfect for the autumnal months! 

Whats your favourite lip products?

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Shopcade 'back to school' Competition.

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, being a part of the e-tail blogger network has it's perks and when i saw this competition running I knew I had to enter.
My 'back to school' shopcade wishlist is based on a stylish vintage theme.

Motel Penny Babydoll Dress in Spearmint Daisy Applique
Spearmint penny babydoll dress//Motel Rocks @ Shopcade
I love motel rocks clothing, Their all different but basic so easily dressed up not that they ever need dressing up.
Braunol Platform Strap Ankle Boots
Braunol platform strap ankle boots//Shellys shoes @ Shopcade
How beautiful are these? perfect for the vintage/grunge look I'm going for.

F&F Biker Jacket
biker jacket// F&F @ Shopcade
A biker jacket ties in the whole grunge simplistic look together and gives a little bit of warmth for when we're getting into the colder autumn months.

Crystal Coral And Shark Tooth Charm Selection
Crystal, coral, shark tooth selection//Notonthehighstreet @ Shopcade
Just to add a little pop of colour to my outfit i'd add the coral and shark tooth charms to bracelets and the crystal to a chain to wear round my neck.

I'd just like to give apologies for my lack of posting, My SLR (Lionel) has sadly broken so I'm planning ion getting a new camera today and will be back to normal posting. 

Whats on your shopcade wishlist?