Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Trip to the doctors!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere! 
yesterday i had a trip to the doctors because spring/summer is here which means i start suffering from serve hayfever so a doctors trip was necessary to keep it all under control. I love spring but it's always a drag having to take eye drops, nose spray and tablets to keep my hayfever at bay, but thats the way my body is so i'll have to live around it! 
Whilst i was at the doctors i also got acne cream because i usually get it bad on my chest, so to keep that away i have to continuously use it. 

Do you have a common illness/condition?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Preparing for a giveaway!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, just thought i'd do a quick post about whats to come in the foreseeable future on my blog, so firstly i'd love to do a 100 blog follower give away and i'm in the process of buying bits and adding to the collection so when it comes to doing the giveaway their will be a fair amount of stuff to give to my lovely followers so spread the word! Secondly when i hit 100 followers i'm also going to do a you tube Channel which is linked at the top of my blog page (subscribe now) i am petrified to do this but i made a promise so it defiantly will be happening sometime in the future.

who's your favorite YouTuber? 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Forever twenty one;Mustache necklace.

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, so a few days ago i went to the Trafford center in Manchester with a girls group (long story for more information click: HERE)
I attended this in an attempt to meet new people as I've just moved into the area and it was supposed to help lead me into becoming a volunteer at the youth club, which it did and i'm now starting a voluntary course in September which will help me have some experience for future jobs once I've passed and become a volunteer.  So anyway back to the story in the Trafford center we each got to get each other a gift like a secret Santa but in april, i got a girl called Lisa who bought me the most adorable necklace from forever twenty one, it has a thin gold chain and a dainty mustache charm, i personally love it and glad she picked it for me :)

Mustache necklace // forever21

 whats your favorite accessory ?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

30 ways to save a pound!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, so today i saw a post on a recent event the lovely people from www.moneysupermarket.com are holding and it's called 30 ways to save a pound (whether it's more or less it just has to be a tip) for each tip they pay you a pound, amazing no? seeing this i decided to give it ago!
I mean who doesn't love free money.
If you'd like to take part in this click; HERE.

1. find a penny pick it up all day long you'll have good luck!- this isn't just an old rhyme from primary school, this is also a really good tip for saving money! (i don't mean literally picking up every penny you see)
saving old change in a jar eventually builds up into a nice little jar of savings for a rainy day...or in my case a small shopping spree!

2. charity shops are fashions little secret- with vintage trends growing and the economy declining an easy way to find adorable fashion is rummaging in charity shops (what it doesn't hurt to try?) this doesn't just able to clothes but home-ware too!

3. DIY Princess!- instead of going out and buying a new wardrobe every time you nee an new outfit, try glamming up old t shirts or sprucing up an old pair of shorts with some fabric dye!

4. Gasping for a cuppa?- instead of splashing the cash on a costa coffee or Starbucks carry around a travel mug or a flask.

5. Buy in bulk!- always buy in bulk if your buying things like toilet roll, it'll save you money.

6. Rember your three R's!- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! simple but effective.

7. Sell online- selling unwanted goods online is another way to make a few extra pennies, whether it's Cd's to shoes that didn't ever fit.

8. No takeaways!- it won't only save the pounds in your pockets.

9. Its the thought that counts- make little hampers with cheap and small presents, or make a gift.

10. Coupons!- research online for the latest coupons,magazines or news papers for the latest deals.

11. Try before you buy!- ask for samples at your nearest beauty counters to test and try to save on buying unwanted products.

12. Savvy shopper- shop in places like aldi to save on food shopping, and get more for less.

13.  Fresh faced- Add moisturizer to your foundation to help it stretch further.

14. Be careful what you buy!- shop around and avoid being sucked into pound shop deals that seem cheap when they're worth less somewhere else.

15. Expensive bags for less!- shop in TkMaxx to save on big branded handbags that con oftern be more one off and unique.

16. Budget Guru!- always set a budget for food shopping, along with a meal plan to help you stick to it.

17. Movie magic- instead of splashing out in the cinema get a dvd and popcorn and have a night in! or just visit the odeon on a Saturday before 11 to see a movie for an amazing 2.50 each!

18. Body sprays!- buy yummy body sprays that give you the smell of a perfume but a price you can smile about.

19. Free days out- visit your local museums or parks for a free day out.

20. Save energy- switch plugs, lights and water off when not needed to save the planet and your pocket from suffering.

21. Sale- shop for basic items in the sale sections, you never know what you might find.

22. Freebies!- check out online freebies sites to get samples of different products and check about for magazines freebies.

23. Floral freebie- instead of buying a bouqet of flowers, go out and pick some wild flowers.

24. Cut&blow- check out local colleges for hairdressing students to use you as a tester, and pay less for fabulous hair.

25. Only buy what you need- when out shopping don't buy things you think you won'tneed, spending unnecessary money can have a big impact.

26. Never ever- never shop hungry you have a tendency to spend more on expensive, overpriced food.

27. Dupes- do your research and find something that is just as good as a branded product but for less.

28. Library  join a library and get free access to internet and books for coursework  also printing is alot cheaper than buying ink for your printer.

29. Rewards- Join reward schemes like nectar,superdrug, boots and debanams to save up points and buy gifts with them.

30.  Take up a hobby!- take up a hobby such as jewelry making or crafts and save money by creating your own unique things.


Monday, 22 April 2013

Spring Wishlist!

Heyya guys and gals of the blogosphere, spring is here I can finally say this because here in  the northwest of  England we had our first glimpse of sunshine over the weekend;so a spring post is defiantly needed!
So without a due.. i present to you my spring wishlist.

Cat Print dress//eBay
Dainty Doll Powder blusher 'You are my sunshine' // Fragrance direct
BarryM gelly nail vanish 'Papaya' // Superdrug
Topshop Floral Loafers // Topshop
Topshop Lipstick 'whimsical' // Topshop
Ditsy print skirt // eBay
Simple skater dress 'green' // eBay

Cat print dress from eBay, i adore this because i think it's a simple dress spruced up to make it look alot more original and is totally to my taste; Another thing i love about this dress is that it's super cheap!
Barry M Gelly nail vanish in 'Papaya' This colour i love love love, i think it's a perfect peach for the spring weather.
Top shop Floral loafers are what i think sumerise spring up for me, i hate toes so i like flat non-open toed shoes, which is why these are perfect!
Top shop lipstick in 'whimsical' is the prettiest coral colored lipstick that i personally think i need in my lipstick collection.
Dainty Doll powder blush in 'you are my sunshine' again is the perfect corally pink colour to add to my makeup collection.
Ditsy print skirt is the perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe for spring and summer, this skirt is the cutest thing going and is again super super cheap!
Simple skater dress in 'green' is a springtime essential, it's a simple cotton dress that's easy to dress up or down.

Whats your spring time essential :)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Get well soon beth!

Heyya guys and gals of the blogosphere, This is just a little post to let you all know that the stir it up Saturday post has been postponed for the second part,and will be uploaded next Saturday instead because Beth from theprettiestpastel isn't well and hasn't had the greatest of weeks, so we'll give her a break :)
Hopefully she'll get better, she'd appreciate some love so go check her blog out!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Inspiration in a book!

Hey-ya guys and gals of the blogosphere, since i haven't really been experimenting with any beauty products because i'm back in school and my skin is super dry so I've been playing it safe with my looks, so i decided to do a post on what I've been reading lately.I started reading this because it had been sat on my windowsill looking pretty since my mum bought me the trilogy for Christmas, i had already heard briefly about katie piper story and i was intrigued to know more about it, I have now read the first one and i couldn't believe how callous and cold hearted a person could be, but that's not what this post was about as he doesn't even deserve a mention, now back onto subject this post is about how inspirational Katie is and has been, she was such a beautiful girl and still truly is inside and out, she has recovered amazingly and has also overcame a huge milestone no one deserves to happen in their life, i believe she is truly remarkable. I also have her second book ' Things get better'  due to be read and her third happy thinking book that contains 365 quotes in for each day of the year 'Start your day with Katie' which i read daily, she really does deserve all the regonition in the world, if you haven't read her story i suggest you do! Katie piper also runs a charity called the Katie piper foundation and it has a vision of
'A world where scars do not limit a person’s function, social inclusion or sense of well being.'  
Katie's charity! is the place to find out anymore information if you want it :)
I hope you like her book as much as i do, she is truly amazing.

Whats your favorite book?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Camera!

Hiya guys and gals of the blogosphere this is just a little post on my new camera i don't know if you noticed but alot of my post's I've used my phone to take photographs with even though i had a camera, unfortunately my camera broke and i was to busy to resolve that matter so my blog had to suffer with awful grainy pictures... until now because i have finally got a new camera, it's the same as my old one but because they couldn't repair it i have a new camera, his name is Lionel like my last one and i was sad to see him go :( R.I.P Lionel the first.
Hopefully my blog will improve alot more and look more professional, but i'm happy Amy for now :)
i'd also like to say my posts may not be up as much through the week because i have school and exam revison for my gcses comming up so expect short, snappy posts like this one :)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Stir it up Saturday; foundations,concealers&powders.

 Hiya guys and gals of the blogosphere, today's post is the first of a series of four drugstore products me and Beth from The prettiest pastel love so much or just think they need to be mentioned so starting with foundation; being super pale with ginger hair makes it difficult to find foundations that match my skin colour. Knowing this for Christmas i got Nicola Roberts dainty doll liquid foundation although at the time i wouldn't have considered this as a drugstore foundation because it cost  £22 but now i do since it hasn't been selling to well you can  find it on eBay or fragrance direct for a fraction of the price, i love this foundation because it matches my skin amazingly my only problem with it is that it has a sheer coverage and sometimes isn't to build able  which moves me onto my second foundation that is the MUA matte perfect foundation  i bought this with good expectations because i had saw it on AThirtyMrs but when i tried it it seemed to need alot of blending in to look good on my skin a\but it wasn't a bad match, so i decided to mix a pump or two of my dainty doll into it to lighten the shade but also give me some coverage, this really worked and i love them both on their own. 
My third foundation is the Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation again i love this foundation but i think it needs alot of blending to match my skin colour, but i like the way it feels on my skin and has a medium coverage.My last foundation isn't a foundation it's a BB cream but i thought it would fall into this category, this doesn't give alot of coverage but surprisingly gives more than the dainty doll foundation because this has a more peachy tone, i love to use this for lazy days! Now onto concealers; i recently bought this gosh concealer for 49p and i love it, it's super handy and works on my blemishes before i use my foundation sort of like a primer but better, my only problem is it drys out my skin so i only use this on oily days, another green concealer that i love is 17 correction stick, i like this product because it's creamy and easier to blend than the gosh one, it still does dry out my skin but this is something i can use everyday even with dry skin because it's creamy. Next is L'Oreal lumi Magique i use this under my eyes when i'm needing a pick me up because this brightens like a highlighter but helps hide my sleepy eyes. i like to use this under my eyes only because it's sheer and doesn't look cakey, unlike my next all time favorite concealer collection 2000 lasting perfection, i don't even need to go into detail about this because I've talked about it before.That is it for my post on drugstore makeup, i didn't include powders because i never really use a powder and the ones i have i don't rate. 

Go check out Beth's post!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Stir it up Saturday Introduction!

 Hello, this is just a quick post/ update on whats been going on with my blog, i learnt how to make my own blog header and blog button and then i fell in love with a blog  The prettiest pastel this blog is run by a girl called Beth who is super lovely, i can't remember how i came across her blog but i did, i left a comment on her post and she emailed me later that day, we started talking because she wanted some help for her blog layout and header, after i made her blog header and helped her go over a few things and chatted  we decided since we both love each others blog we should collaborate, which we are now in the process of doing :)
it will be a post on drugstore makeup because we're both still in high school so we don't have alot of high end makeup, it will be posted each Saturday for about 4/5 weeks, and on both blogs.
if you want anymore information, if you would like help on your blog I.e blog header or you would like to collaborate email me at Thegirlinpatternedtights@gmail.com.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Garnier Facial toner!

Garnier facial toner! this is one of my daily essentials on most days when i decide to give my Liz Earle a break, I bought this from Sainsburys on offer as I thought i'd give it ago because i use the Garnier moisture match moisturizer and had been loving that alot so thinking Garnier where on the ball  i bought this but to my disappointment it didn't do what i wanted it to do, I felt like it dried my skin to much and I just didn't see a difference in my skin when i used it. Although it doesn't appeal to my skin right now i will still use this up in the foreseeable future because it might work when the weather betters and my skins recovered from the dryness the weather has caused so i haven't completely ruled this out.

- Amy x

My Hair care Favorites!

My Hair care Favorites!
I have an obsession for looking after my hair, because i never used to take notice of how much damage i caused it but lately since my hair became dry i decided to take control of my fried mess of hair and did a no heat detox, i can honestly say it helped and now i continue to look after my hair using these products!
so firstly in my favorites is the Tigi bed Urban antidotes which i picked up from TKmaxx for £14.99  this is amazing and smells amazing my only problem with it is that it drys your hair out if you wash your hair alot, like i do, so to deal with this i use the Batiste to spruce up my hair when it needs it, i love the scent, the packaging and the actual product because it refreshes my hair and adds volume which is always a plus i picked this up for  £2.99.
The conditioner i use is herbal essences it has a fruity smell and makes my hair super super soft (i would link it but for some reason it doesn't exist on Google) i got this for a pound from pound land.
Another one of my favorites is the Tigi Shine blaster this stuff is amazing it does what it says it does and makes your hair ultra shiny it's great, i again picked this up from  TKmaxx  for  £7.99
lastly in my hair care favorites is the pro vitamin heat defense spray, this is about 70p from home bargains and pretty much does what it says my only problem with it is that you need to use alot of it but that evens it's self out because it inexpensive and sustainable.

Friday, 5 April 2013

DIY: decorated boxes

Firstly i'd like to point out i'm not to great with arty stuff but i though these were cute! now that's been pointed out away we go with the details.

You will need:
any sized box. (mines an old jewelry box)
glitter or paint.
buttons, sequins, gems or stickers.
PVA glue.

1. take your box and remove any thing that is inside it (that holds the jewelry in place if its a box like mine)

2. cover it in glue if you are sprinkling glitter over it like mine or paint your box and wait for your paint/glitter to dry.

3. You can now add buttons,gems,stickers or sequins in any pattern or shape you'd like. (i thought the first initial of my name in buttons looked rather sweet and a few gems at the side)

4. once your box is dry you can use it for whatever you like, mine is used to store little positive notes and when i feel down i can read them :)

this wasn't supposed to be an amazing tutorial, i just thought i'd try something abit more alternative on my blog, any feedback on whether i should do more but with more detail let me know.

                                        - Amy 

Give me moisture!

Moisture heaven, this guys and gals of the blogoshere is my current favorite night cream! i love this because it has a rich thick texture but doesn't feel like your pores can't breath, it has the nicest smell and although the packaging isn't the most glamorous i still quite like it (because it's green and i love green maybe?)
This cream literally makes your skin feel renewed and freshly hydrated unlike some night creams that make your skin feel greasy and heavy. This little wonder is inexpensive and a must have to any skincare fanatic!
Superdrug Mosterizer

-Amy x

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mini Haul!

Yesterday i ventured out to a shopping near my nans house, i went into super drug and picked up a gosh  "Touch up" green concealer for 49p i don't know how much they are usually but since I've heard good things about green concealers i decided to pick one up, it has a tiny brush applicator for on the go, and the packaging's writing is reminds me of the top-shop makeup font so that's cute!
I also purchased some MUA products a MUA lipstick in the colour Juicy which i only bought because my boyfriend liked the colour and it was only a pound, it's a very coral pink colour in the tube but when i got home and i tested it out it shows up a VERY baby pink colour on the lips which i don't think suits my pale complexion * disappointed face.* 
I then picked up a MUA matte perfect foundation for 2 pound because i had seen good reviews on it and it matched my skin so i decided to give it a whirl and so far so good my only problem is that it needs alot of blending to completely  match my skin. 
Finally i picked up to MUA nail polishes in moody mink (dark purple) and Pistachio ice cream (pastel green) 
i love love loved these colours so i picked up them both, i really liked the packaging too they look like miniature Essie nail polishes they were also a pound each.
after my trip in superdrug i went into this shop called "shush" which i had been told stocked the seconds from big brand highstreet shops like topshop, republic, new look ect. so i took a look in and found some jamie skinny topshop jeans in a forest green colour i instantly fell inlove and paid the small price tag of 7 pounds instead of the usual 40 pound.
the final shop i went into was a home bargains and i picked up a humble vintage photo album for 59p this was originally bought to fill with photographs of my family like younger, sibling, cousins ect to send over to my auntie in turkey as it's her birthday soon but because it may not be finished in time i might just buy her another one and i'll keep this one because it would look lovely in my bedroom!

Mua- matte perfect foundation, nail polish, humble vintage photo album, lipstick. Gosh concealer. Top shop Jamie jeans forest green.

Mua nail polish- pistachio ice cream, moody mink, matte perfect foundation, gosh concealer 

Mua- matte perfect foundation fair
Mua- Juicy


gosh touch up concealer 

humble vintage photo album

 Mua-pistachio icecream

Mua- pistachio icecream (left) moody mink (right)

Mua-moody mink 
- Amy x