Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Camera!

Hiya guys and gals of the blogosphere this is just a little post on my new camera i don't know if you noticed but alot of my post's I've used my phone to take photographs with even though i had a camera, unfortunately my camera broke and i was to busy to resolve that matter so my blog had to suffer with awful grainy pictures... until now because i have finally got a new camera, it's the same as my old one but because they couldn't repair it i have a new camera, his name is Lionel like my last one and i was sad to see him go :( R.I.P Lionel the first.
Hopefully my blog will improve alot more and look more professional, but i'm happy Amy for now :)
i'd also like to say my posts may not be up as much through the week because i have school and exam revison for my gcses comming up so expect short, snappy posts like this one :)

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