Sunday, 27 January 2013

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

this week in photographs!

candles, wintery walks and vintage buys!
This week i reccently bought a skittle-melon berry scented candle. This candle is the yummiest smelling candle i've ever came across, i bought this from poundland, obviously for just a pound.
i then went into a charity shop to look for the wind in the willows book and found a knitted bunny, which i picked up for 20p.
i thought he looked super cute and vintage.
The last thing that went on this week was that it snowed! so me and my mum went for walks and i took some pretty pictures, so thats basically my week in a nutshell.

-Amy <3

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

december Favourites!

Dainty doll fondation, it has medium coverage and a creamy formulation, costs about £22.
Mua, shade 4, it feels really balmi with not alot of pigmentation so don't judge by how bright it looks, cost:£1
Liz earle hot cloth cleanser, everyone and their mum owns this, it's amazing for eyemakeup and just a quick morning refresher, cost:£13
Peaches&Clean, amazing, foams up easily and smells so good, removes makeup and good for in the morning to wake your skin up, cost: £6/7
Sugar scrub, smells absoutlutely fantastic, removes dead skin but doesnt really have a great scrubby feel, Cost:£6/7
Chocolate cloud, it's a candle, single wicked and smells like heaven, cost:unknown.
Mua eye pallette, really good colours, good for smooky eyes, or just a natural look, cost:£3/4
Thick and fast mascara, really good for thick lashes but can get clumped really easily, cost:£8/10
Tigi urban antidotes, i have terrible dry and unhealthy hair so this really is a life saver, foams up easily and is really worth the money. Hair always feels healthy and glossy, Cost: £12.99
La-roche-possay, this is possibbly the best thing i've ever bought, i get spots an oilly skin this ends all of these problems, really worth the money, only downfall it makes your skin very dry so you have to mosturise alot, cost: on offer 2 for £15.
BB cream (maybeline) alot of these are floating around but if you have pale skin this is the best one out their, it doesn'y have alot of coverage but really nice light feeling, good for lazy days. Cost:£6/7

I apologise for bad quality photographys, some wheere taken with lionel, some weren't.
- Amy <3

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Thinking Positive!

As you all know one of my new years resolution is to think positive, we'll i'm sticking to it by using a very inspiring womans book, Katie piper.
Basically everyday their is a new quote to lighten up your day, and make you think positive, i got this book for christmas, and so far it really helps.
Photographys took on iphone.

Friday, 4 January 2013

new years resolutions!

My new years revolutions:

Lose weight- I know alot of people say this as their new years revolution, but this is the one i want to stick to even if it if the most common one people give up on.

Think more positive- this one is another main focus of my life, i get down about alot of things that don't go right, which is why i want to live life happilly from this year on.

learn how to cross stitch- i don't really know why but i got a kit for christmas so learning to do it would be great.

Try to save money efficently- i tend to waste money on stupid unneeded things, so this year i want to cut down and save.

- Amy <3

new makeup case & brushes.

these are my new makeup brushes, bought fom ebay.
they come in  a cute pink case which holds 24 brushes which are displayed below.

24 makeup brushes, i don't usually buy makeup brushes as i think they waste alot of product, but these caught my eye.
the set of 24 includes all the essensials, each brush is made from goats fur and a solid woden handle.

- Amy <3

Thursday, 3 January 2013

New blog!

Hiya, Amy here.
I've made a new blog because i could not access my other one 'little birdie photography' so this is my new one from now on.
-Amy <3