Tuesday, 26 March 2013

mini haul!

Hey guys! been awhile since i posted because i've been a busy bee lately with going to london, my birthday, brithday shopping which i will do a load of separate posts on ect. i promise to try and get myself together; here goes.
Today i went shopping! firstly i ventured into TkMaxx to see if their was any dainty doll makeup on sale, because if you didn't know already i'm a pale ginger, so thats te makeup i usually tend to wear, it's a makeup range for gingers (or should i say pale skinned people) made by a ginger herself Nicola Roberts, unfortunatly their was none :'( however i did get some mee headphones from their, i didn't know if they were good or not but they caught my eye, so i bought them anyway. They are Iwave eyebuds artist collection-weathered. i don't know who the artist is or what it represents i just thought they looked good and for £4.99 i couldn't complain.
The second shop i explored was superdrug just for a nose around, and i spotted The Good Things cleansers, again i knew nothing about them but i thought I'd give it ago, i was lucky enough to see that these were 49p, crazy i know when they retail for £4.99 i got an amazing deal :') which i was very proud of, this profuct was in a discouted area just in the skincare section alone, so i'm not aware of any defects in the product. i then went to pound land after i read on another bloggers blog they were selling sleek lipsticks, and i found two of a nice colour and decided to buy them, the first one is im the colour organza which is a middle darkish pink and the second in satin which is like a brownish baby pink they're both lovely on and i shall do a separate post on how they go. I went into boots after that and splashed on a real techniques base brush because i need one this wasn't a bargin sadly i paid the full amount of £9.99 but the brush's from what i've heard are well worth it. Lastely i went to the body shop and got a sweet lemon scrub, only because it was discouted to £5 and i then had a voucher for a further 40% so o got the scrub for £3! amazing i know, i bought this for my mum originally but then i realised how good it smelt and well we're sharing it now, haha.
any more information you'd like to know leave a comment.

-Amy x

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Strawberry party!

Hey guys! long time no post? I'll spare you my extravagant excuses but basically it was my birthday last Tuesday so I decided to do a late post on what my day was like ect.
so here goes nothing...Firstly I woke up to a strawberry themed living room, then I opened a few cards from the family then I got given money, a scented candle, n-spa raspberry body butter and shower gel, I then got more money of the rest of my family besides my auntie who gave me a gorgeous handcrafted journal and pen  I then came into school and I got more money of a few friends and I then opened THE cutest gift ever 3 photo frames with pictures of us both in :D some natural collection makeup and love hearts sweeties.

-Amy x

Saturday, 2 March 2013