Monday, 10 June 2013

Starting up a blog!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, I recently got an email/comment by Pippa//Link asking me to do a post on tips of making and sustaining a blog so that's what i'm doing. Now i'm not at all a pro at blogging or creating blogs but i'm proud to say my blog is my own work, I made my own header and found my own background to use and all the content is my own. I work hard on my blog and try my best to upload at least once every two days. So here goes my tricks of the trade...

Tips for blogging:

  • Upload content worth uploading - if your uploading pictures from other peoples blogs onto your blog whats the use in publishing it.
  • Upload what you want- make your blog your own, you don't have to follow the trends because their is alot of bloggers out their, being unique and sharing your own twist on blogging is your best bet to success.
  •  Research into it!- When i started my blog i knew nothing about it, I actually knew nothing about how to blog, what to blog about, excautly how to make my blog look good (which is all still developing as my blog still isn't perfect)
  • Upload regularly- whats the point in uploading once every month? 
  • Interact with other bloggers- Comment, show appreciation, follow and share other peoples blogs to help gain yourself an audience, saying this do not spam! 
  • Join blogger networks- e.g bloglovin, she likes ect.
  • Design your own blog- or get someone else to do it, no one likes to look at just words on a white page.
And Finally...
  • DON'T GIVE UP!- starting your blog can be a drag at first, I felt like no one wanted nor was reading or interested in what i was uploading it's only now a few breaks  from blogging and months later my content has improved and i decided to invest my time into my blog whether or not people read it i enjoy doing it, that's when i started gaining followers and comments ect; so basically what i'm saying is that followers aren't and shouldn't be the aim of your blog, do it because you enjoy it and other people will to.

What are your top tips?


  1. Wow I'm just starting up my blog and this is really helpful thank you so much.
    Also thank you for the button swap, but i've just emailed you about my html code, it was broken before thats why it didn't work but i've fixed it now if you want to put it on here please and thank you, your blog is great by the way

    Tesni xx

  2. i nominated you for the liebster award - xxx

  3. There really good tips! i used to have a blog with 400 followers! anyway! your blogs so cute and i love it and i just thought i would say that! i just made a new one and its called could you check it ou? :-) xx