Sunday, 9 June 2013

Stockport Vintage Village!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere *insert apology for a late upload.* So today i took the advice of Athriftymrs//link and went to the stockport vintage village fair, which is held every second Sunday of the month if your interested. When i first arrived i was overwhelmed by the amount of stalls holding vintage goods, everyone was super lovely and approachable.
I had a nosy around and picked up some amazing things, and would defiantly go back again!
My only down point is that you have to know what your buying because many things were severely over priced and to beware because a certain stall i noticed were ripping people off by using primark jewelry and selling it as vintage pieces.
My stamp to go inside!

Gingers! its like they knew i was coming.

These vintage suitcases were my weakness!
Very vintage dancing!
Very jazzy pieces of clothing!
 I picked up whilst i was their a vintage teacup & saucer for 2.50, A vintage teacup, buttons and purse for 50p each (bargain i know!)  I also picked up a vintage suitcase for 7 pounds which i will use to store shoes in my bedroom and a vintage camera that also cost 7 pound which i bought of the loveliest lady who had a story behind each item she was selling, i instantly fell in love with it and knowing someone else loved it as it was the lady's first ever camera made it even more special.
I seem to like naming all my camera's so this one is called Vixen, i'm not sure why i just think it suits him.
Ohhh! and i almost forgot! i also picked up a very beautiful hairbrush that reminded me of the titanic or something my great great grandmother used to have so i snatched it up for 3 pound.

 Whist i was in Manchester i also nipped into Primark and picked up some frilly socks and a few bits for Jade the girl who i am doing a box swap with.

What did you do today?

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