Monday, 1 July 2013

Life choices & beautiful voices!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere,
* Warning This is a a ramble of a post*  as you can probably tell by my title i'm faced with some 'life' choices, which basically means i went to college today to sample the courses i'm interested in i can safely say the college I visited isn't  for me. I have an idea of where i want to go anyway but it doesn't hurt looking around, whilst i was at the college they're was live music played by this amazing band called 'Little Grace' this is an acoustic/ R&B style band made up of 5 boys all with an enormous amount of talent. I'd easily pay good money to see them again, me and all my friends fell in love with the band members voices and i have to say they're all cuties too!
(Image from Little grace UK- twitter)

Check them out;

Sorry that this post was just my love of a boy band but it needed to be shared, i really suggest everyone checks them out they really are so good!

Who's your favorite band at the moment?

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