Tuesday, 9 July 2013

MUA: New formula vs old

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, MUA have recently came out with new formula's for their lipsticks as well as new shade names, packaging,ect; so which is better the new or old formula?

The first thing i notice about the new Mua is the packaging is made so the lipstick looks like it has more product by making the tube taller, this however doesn't matter to me because their only a pound, so i'm not missing out on much product. 

The newer Mua lipstick is more glossy than the older one.

Old formula- Top swatch
New formula- Bottom swatch
From swathing and using both formulas of the lipsticks on the lips it's safe to say the newer version of shade-13 is not as opaque and has a more pinky undertone than the older formula which has the complete red colour to it, this makes the newer lipstick formula more glossy and glides nicely over the lips easily; Unlike the older formula that drags and smudges VERY easily.
Overall i prefer the newer version of the Mua lipstick in this shade, i like the more glossy look than the matt look of the older.

Which do you prefer?

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