Saturday, 20 July 2013

If i was american& a thrifty find!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, i'm in love with american products that you can't get over here in the UK so i can't seem to try them out, thinking this i decided to do a blog post dedicated to all those products i'd love to try in the future!

1// Watermelon extra gum
I  love anything that tastes or smells like watermelon! so i imagine these would be yummy!

2// Pineapple mango mini candle- bath&body works
I have heard so much about these candles and this is one of the ones i really want! i imagine it'd smell amazing too!

3// Lakeside mini candle- bath&body works
Same applies to the first candle, except this would have a fresher clean smell i'd hope!

4// Kool aid peach&mango
Kool aid seems to be so popular but this flavor I've not came across and would Love to try!
Anything mango i'm mad for.

5// Flower cream eyeshadow- Flirty florett
This is a makeup range by Drew Barrymore, I really hope she brings this over here as i would buy literally everything from the range. The colour of this looks alot like painter-lee from mac with more of a gold shimmer, something i'd love to try and work with.

6//  Mango melon body mist- bath& Body works
If it's mango i want it, i'm guessing it would smell similar to the body shop mango mist but with a more melon smell to it? does anyone know what i'm talking about? no..okay.

7// Hard candy- Glamoflauge heavy duty ultra light
This is a must have and i'm already trying to get hold of it to try, it's supposed to be amazing!
it's a heavy duty concealer and covers EVERYTHING.

8// Watermelon lemonade mini candle- bath&body works
it's watermelon and a candle and from bath&body works do i need to add more?

On to my thrifty find, whilst i was out and about i wandered into a chairty shop and came across this beauty!
It's a chanel ditsy daisy  sort of chain, i paid a pound for this and i'm not too sure if it's real or a replica either way it's beautiful!

Have you found anything interesting in a charity shop lately?

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  1. great post - i'd love to try that gum! following <3

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