Thursday, 9 May 2013

Fragrance Direct haul!!

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, Sorry i haven't posted in awhile but i have been busy with school revision  overloading my brain as well as counting down the days till i got this package through the post! i recently done the
money-supermarket 30 ways to save a pound challenge (Link to my post;HERE) by doing this post i earned myself 30 pound! which i think went on to buy lots of goodies from Fragrance direct!Here's what i bought!

Dainty doll creme blusher- Paper roses

Dainty doll  powder blusher- You are my sunshine

Dainty doll creme blusher- Orange county girl

NYC coverstick- Light

NYC  mono eye shadow- Alister

NYC mono eye shadow- Alister

Dainty doll pencil eyeliner- 'I'm so pretty'

Dainty doll pencil eyeliner- 'I'm so pretty'

Kate moss lipstick

Kate moss lipstick- shade 13

Rimmel moisture shine- Dare 

Kate moss lipstick- shade 12

Essie nail polish- Waltz
L'oreal colour riche- Paris avenues 621

Yardley Royal english daisy- Hand cream

Zuri- face renewing mask
Sally Hensen- no more breaks

I also bought a book of eBay with the money but it wasn't going to look too pretty because much to my disappointment the book wasn't in too great condition.So far from what I've seen i'm super happy with my purchases, especially my dainty doll blushers!but they will be put to the test. I'm also no longer an Essie virgin, my first ever nail varnish by them is called waltz and is a basic white colour, originally i thought it was a pale blue but when it arrived i was shocked to see it was white, but either way i'm still happy as it's a very nice nail polish to add to my collection. The Ziri face renewing mask is also a welcomed addition to my skincare collection as from what I've seen is very good and a bargain considering it's RRP is valued at 14.99!What have you bought lately?...x

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