Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Conceal my flaws | 17 stay 18hr concealer

Heya guys and gals of the blogosphere, Like all teenagers I get spots which can really damage your confidence especially when going to school and seeing that one girl with flawless skin sighhh..however my fellow spot haters I have found THE perfect concealer.

I came across this when I was browsing a few blogs and decided to give it a whirl, It has been compared to the Nars creamy concealer and I can see why.
On the skin this concealer is the perfect colour match for my skin, is nourishing and offers amazing coverage!
For a mere price tag of a few pounds whats not to love.

Whats your staple concealer?


  1. I'm currently using miss sporty's concealer but i'm looking for a new one to be honest
    love victoriajanex

  2. I need to buy a new concealer, might try this one!x

  3. I love the blogger classic Collection lasting perfection! + This sounds fab :) x


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